Relaxation Station 
  is a Massage Therapy Studio where
 each therapists runs their own business.  
We help each other by sharing our skills as well as a 
beautifully decorated & relaxing work space.         
We are here to  Focus on 
giving you the best massage session
 you have ever had!

We are here to listen to your needs, 
not spending your whole session talking about ours.

We Offer Premium Services 
at No extra Charge.  

Every Massage Therapist here cares about the service that they provide to you.

We know you work hard & you don't want to waste your time or money on just 
a plain old massage.

We strive to give you our best.

And we do...

Our Massage Therapy Team

Karen Romanchek, LMBT
Relaxation Station
(919) 570-0019
NC License#1423

Patty Scharville, LMBT
Simply Therapeutic
(919) 291-0594
NC License # 9169

Caitlin Quezada, LMBT
Touch of Tranquility
(919) 426-9286
NC License #16691

Pure Essential Oils 
are available for sale 
at our studio.
Please contact Karen for Pricing 
on the Essential Oils & other 
Retail Store Products.
Treat yourself, your friends and family. 

Relaxation Station gift certificates
for Massage 
and Aromatherapy Blending Sessions
are also available!
Call Karen today for an appointment! 
(919) 570-0019

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