We do not charge extra for Deep Tissue or Trigger Point

 30  MINUTES = $45.00
60  MINUTES =  $85.00
    75 MINUTES = $100.00
 90 MINUTES =  $115.00

We do not believe in slapping on extra fee's for every little thing we do.  
If we feel the need to use a warm, comforting stone on your tense shoulder, we do it, 
at no extra charge. 
 It is the same for every modality we are trained in like deep tissue or trigger point,
 if we need to use it,
 if we know how, we will share it with you.
  It is the right thing to do.   

Karen Romanchek, LMBT 
Owner of Relaxation Station
 Licensed Massage Therapist since 2000.
                     Swedish Massage
                    $85.00  (60 minutes)
Very relaxing and nurturing.  In Swedish Massage, your therapist will use techniques that are lengthening, warming and milking.  The movements in Swedish massage will help to facilitate blood flow and increase circulation in your body.  Pressure can vary from very light to moderately deep.  At no time should the pressure be painful or uncomfortable.
                  Deep Tissue Massage
                    $85.00 (60 minutes)
Your therapist will work more deeply in certain areas of the body and will will be sinking into the deeper layers of muscle, to help you release tight areas of stress and knots.  Deep Tissue's tempo is much slower and more muscle-focused.  You should be able to breathe comfortably through any deep tissue stroke.  If you cannot breathe or if what the therapist is doing is painful, then the pressure is too deep.  Communication of your level of pain during your session is key to both you and the therapist so that the pressure can be adjusted accordingly. 
                Trigger Point Therapy
                     $85.00 (60 minutes)
Trigger Points are hyperirritable spots or nodules in the muscle that can give rise to referred pain and tenderness in other areas of the body.  In Trigger Point Therapy, your therapist will apply slow, non-painful pressure to a trigger point until the barrier of resistance in encountered, contact is maintained until the next barrier releases, pressure will increase until the trigger point is completely released. 

                      Relaxation Massage
                         $85.00 ( 60 minutes)
A mix of Swedish, Deep Tissue, possibly warm stones, and other types of massage tailored to fit your specific needs for relaxation and stress relief. 
                     Aromatherapy Massage
                         $195.00 (120 minutes) 
 Karen Romanchek, LMBT, will help you create a blend just for you and use that blend during your session.  You can take the leftover blend home with you to use and enjoy.
                     Hot Stone Massage                     (Included in most massage sessions) 
                  NO EXTRA CHARGE
Therapists at Relaxation Station generally use warm stones in most sessions.  We do not feel that nickle and diming someone for every little bell and whistle is a fair way to treat a good client.  If we need to use a stone we use a stone, if we need a drop of Aromatherapy we use a drop, we don't ask for an extra $10.00 for each additional service.  
It is the right thing to do. 

 Reflexology- Hot Rockn Reflexology                               $95.00 (60 minutes)
 It has been said that you can touch everything in the body by pressing on points in the feet and hands.  Hot Rockn Reflexology is a 60 minute treatment on just your feet.  Your treatment will begin with a luxurious essential oil and salt scrub and massage with warm oils and hot towels.  Your therapist will then press points of the foot that relate to various organs, bones and muscles in the body in an effort to stimulate those areas to perform more efficiently for you.  This 60 minutes of bliss is extremely relaxing.                

Essential Oil Blending Station

Create your own Signature Scent with Pure Essential Oils

No one else in town will have your Signature Scent....
Blending Consultation Includes...

1 Hour Consultation with Karen Romanchek, LMBT
Karen will help you with your blend, by doing sniff testing and giving you helpful, safe, educational information on how the essential oils can affect your physiology and well being.

Together we will create a blend that is for you only!!

We will keep your recipe safely in our files just for you
and it will be there when you are ready for more. 
You can also purchase the essential oils, carriers and bottles so you can
 create your signature blend at home.

You can take home your choice of
 one of the following
with your consultation.

 8 ounce lotion, 10 ml perfume roll on,
 or a 4 ounce air freshener spray.
Only all natural ingredients used.
Consultation $95.00
Includes your choice of one of the Products listed, above to take home with you.

Perfect for a Personal Gift 
Created by you
 For birthdays, holidays, graduations 
or just a special something for someone special.

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